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7 Best Natural Hangover Cures

Written By Alex Park 11 Jul 2018
Pug wakes up with a hangover.

7 Best Natural Substances to Cure Your Hangover

How to get rid of a hangover? This is the question that haunts our minds whenever we wake up from a night of merry drinking. Your head is throbbing, everything just hurts, and you can barely reach your phone to google the ’best hangover cures’.  

There are commonly known hangover reliefs, like water, coffee, or Gatorade. However, despite the best advices with good intentions, many hangover reliefs just seem to be myths, and that the only surefire way to avoid hangover is to prevent it by simply stop drinking so much. But are we going to actually do that? If you’re a fan of good times, then your answer is likely no.

Fortunately, there are natural substances that are scientifically backed in their effects on helping hangover, and keeping your liver healthy.


1. Alpha Lipoic Acid

Greens have a lot of ALA

Alpha lipoic acid (ALA), is a powerful antioxidant [R], and that is very important for our livers. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals, which are unstable molecules that damage cells. Free radicals are found in substances that we tend to associate as toxins, including alcohol. Ergo, ALA can help the detox process and protect the liver from damage.  

2. Vitamin B 
Milk is a good source of Vitamin B12

Vitamin B has been commonly known to help with hangovers, particularly with Vitamin B12. This is because alcohol is a diuretic, causing frequent urination. This rapidly deplete your water, as well as your vitamins [R]. Because Vitamin B controls numerous vital bodily functions, many of the symptoms of hangover are related to low levels of Vitamin B. Therefore, replenishing your vitamin levels, or consuming more of them before a night of drinking can help you have a better morning the next day.

3. Magnesium Oxide

 Almonds are high in magnesium.

When you drink, not only are you low in vitamins, but you’re also low in Magnesium [R]. Magnesium oxide is primarily used to help replenish low levels of magnesium in the blood. This is critical because Magnesium is a great relaxant, and it relieves headaches, migraines, as well as fatigue, all of which are symptoms of a hangover. It also helps with bringing down inflammation, so it can help with heartburn after an alcohol binge.


4. Indian Gooseberry


Indian Gooseberry, also known as Amla, is a wonder fruit packed with all sorts of benefits to your liver [R]. It is full of antioxidants to clear toxins and protect your liver from damage. It relieves excessive liver inflammation, and prevents fatty liver disease, which is something many alcoholics suffer from.


5. N-Acetyl-Cysteine

There's NAC in animal meat.  

N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC) is a substance that has many health benefits, among which is that NAC can help protect against liver damage.  NAC is important in that it replenishes and maintains glutathione levels in the body [R]. Like ALA and Indian Gooseberry, glutathione is an antioxidant [R], and it helps prevent tissue damage, as well as help our detox process.  


6. Ginger Roots

Ginger Roots and a can of powder.

You might’ve heard that ginger ale may soothe upset stomachs, but did you also know that ginger is good for hangovers? Ginger has anti-inflammatory effects as well as helps reduce nausea and pain, in addition to ginger’s numerous health benefits. These properties make ginger the ideal natural substance to relieve the effects of hangover [R]. Consider making some tea when you have a particularly terrible morning after.


7. Milk Thistle

Milk thistle is protects your liver.

Milk thistle is a herb from Mediterranean countries, and is known to help with liver problems [R]. Here’s the deal. Milk thistle has antioxidant properties, and this helps to protect your liver from damage. In addition, Milk Thistle helps to prevent the depletion of glutathione, which we’ve also mentioned as a substance that adds to keeping the liver healthy, and getting toxins out of our system.

So next time you go on your grocery run, it may be a wise choice to stock up on these natural hangover remedies. Because you never know when you’ll run into good times with plenty of drinks involved.

Too lazy to go get all of the above one by one? Fortunately, Revive Kit has all of these ingredients packed together in a neat little hangover cure. Feel free to take a short cut by trying one out!

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